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Part 1 - Mitcham:

The Phantom Cyclist
of Mitcham Common
(update to Strange Mitcham)

A Dark Figure on Mitcham Common

Tales from the
Vestry Hall

'Calico Jack': The
Playful Ghost of
Lacks the Drapers

The Faces on the Walls:
Hancock's Cottages

The Haunted Cottages
in Tramway Path

The 'Haunting' of
Hall Place

The Spectral
Soldier of Graham

The Legend of
Mitcham Fair

Remember the Grotto

The Phantom of
the 'Folly'

An Apparition at
Woof & Sabine

Haunted Rooms at
Fry Metals

The Phantom Cat

Mitcham's (not so)
Haunted Mansion

The Kingston Zodiac

The 'Ghost Tree'

Ghostly Gardeners,
Medicinal Plants and
A Magical Tree

The 'Thing'

The Wrath of God

A Ghostly Experience
in Morden Road

Mitcham Clock Tower:
When Time Ran

The Rosier Family

The 'Ball of Fire'

UFO over Mitcham
Common, 2004

UFO over Tooting
  Bec Common, 1990

Part 2 - South of
Mitcham Common:

Carew Manor

The Ghosts of
Beddington Park

Beddington Parish
Church & Churchyard

The Figure in the

Under Beddington

A Spectral Cavalier

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Mitcham Society
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nice heritage
maps of Mitcham

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The Mitcham Ghost

Strange Mitcham
(2002): Errata


UFO over Tooting Bec Common, 1990

The following account of something unusual seen in the sky comes from 'Ian Johnson' (pseudonym), who requested that his real name be withheld. As he said, 'it's such an outrageous story, I fear for my reputation.'

The incident occurred in around 1990 and the three witnesses involved were in north Mitcham when they spotted a strange object apparently above Tooting Bec Common, approximately 1.5 - 2 miles further to the north.

Above: Tooting Bec Common. (James Clark, 2006)

Ian said: 'At around 7.30 in the evening, I am not sure of the exact time of year but it was almost dark so autumn/winter is likely, my friend came round on his bike telling me excitedly about a UFO which could be seen if I were only to look to the sky. Of course I was extremely cynical, as I am today - I don't believe in anything, ever, so please let me assure you that I am in no way a nut-job.'

An 'Archetypal Flying Saucer'

'Anyway,' continued Ian, 'he and I cynically went upstairs to the front bedroom and looked out. My house was at the bottom of Caithness Road, north of Figges Marsh. Looking out across the train bridge toward what we decided was Tooting Bec Common was a massive, bronze coloured doughnut shaped object with lights all over it and a big one coming out of the underside, the archetypal flying saucer you might say. Around this object were quite clearly RAF fighter jets circling it, maybe three or four of them dwarfed by the massive object.

'I went to another room to fetch my mother's camera but on my return the object had simply disappeared. My friend and I went out on our bikes, I have no idea what we expected to see. We cycled over to Tooting Bec Common gazing at the sky, we witnessed the continuing presence of RAF planes and a larger reconnaissance plane descending for a time in the area.

'My friend's sister, who also witnessed the object at Summerhill Way off Sandy Lane before her brother bolted round to mine, allegedly telephoned the BBC about it [but they] did not take it seriously.

'I lost contact with my friend for quite a while but met up recently and discussed it. Yes we really did see something.'

[Source: personal communication with 'Ian Johnson', September 2005.]

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