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'Strange Mitcham': Errata

It is virtually impossible to write a book without one or two errors slipping in. It is good therefore to have this opportunity to mention the following:

The Remains of Merton Priory:

In Strange Mitcham (2002), I included a chapter about 'The Curse of Merton Priory' in which I wrote of the Priory: 'All that survives at the original site today are the foundations of the Chapter House, which stand in a specially constructed room beneath Merantun Way' (the busy road that runs to the south of the large supermarket).

Looking back, this was a rather misleading description because although the Chapter House ruins are indeed the only remains actually visible when you visit the site today, archaeological excavations have shown that a great deal more of the once-magnificent old building still lies buried beneath the ground, sadly sealed away for the present beneath Merantun Way and the surrounding developments. In addition, parts of the wall that surrounded the Priory can still be seen. I am very grateful to Christine Stokes for pointing out my poor phrasing and I am more than happy to clarify the matter here.

In the same chapter, I also stated that the body of King Henry I had lain in state at the Priory. According to the excellent 'A Priory Revealed' by Lionel Green (Merton Historical Society, 2005) this is not true, despite the claim being given as fact in numerous publications. It would appear that, in writing about local legends, I inadvertently included one legend more than I had realised!


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